About V2RBox And V2R Technology…

A new powerful feature called “Virtual To Real” (V2R) is now available to general public. V2R Technology has been invented in 2015 by Zappadoc (founder of EKSIMRacing foundation) and released in 2017, it stands for using virtual object as a real physical object.

This new innovative “smart object”‘ is called a “V2RBox“. 

This website contains a comprehensive instructions to download, install, customize and use your V2RBox objects like Button-Box, MIDI Controller,… The V2R technology is powerful enough to emulate the REAL (PHYSICAL) device.

It requires on PC side a Teensy-LC USB controller from PJRC, a low cost and tiny device (less than $12) with the powerful V2R Firmware to bridge Windows and one or more V2RBox Emulator(s) (Button-box or MIDI controller for example) running on your tablet Android or Windows.

The first generation of V2RBox has been released in 2017 with the racing tool software SLIMax Manager Pro and VDASH-EMU racing dash emulator with integrated button-box. It manages 32 buttons and LEDs and is compatible with more than 60 racing games.

The new generation of V2RBox is coming in 2021 with much more capabilities!

It is totally universal and compatible with ANY software (games, sim-racing, flight-sim, music, 3D control, DAW, video and media creator, mixer tools, MPC, Lighting mixer, DJ Mix, Drum machine, …).

V2RBox MKII is capable to manage much more buttons and axes, up to 4 controllers can be combined together. The V2RBox is entirely customizable to create your own button-box or MIDI controller (fully functional as a real device).

V2RBox.org is a branch of EKSIMRacing foundation dedicated to V2R Technology. The foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to innovative software bridged to hardware since 2007, our software give you a full control of your system, a full immersion and an authentic gaming or musical experience. All our projects are funded by donations or self-financed with equity and we’re all volunteers.

V2RBox – Virtual To Real Technology.